About Us

Professional Experience

Jeff Reynolds is a Licensed Taxidermist and

has worked as Shop Foreman for retired

Bob McGinnis Taxidermy in Boyers,

Pennsylvania, for 25 years.

He graduated from the Pennsylvania

Institute of Taxidermy. 

Excellence and Professionalism

Jeff has gained a reputation of professional

and high quality workmanship with each of 

his pieces, and this is evidenced by numerous repeat customers and their word of mouth referrals. He pays great attention to every detail in order to make his pieces look as real and lifelike as possible.

Available Services
  • Custom mounting of all wild animals

and fish at competitive prices

  • Specializing in fish and all North American and

African mounts, including life size

      with custom bases 

  • Skull mounts and skull dipping with

numerous patterns available

  • Bear rugs

  • Hide tanning

  • Tine repair